In general, till

In general, till In two years the active lexicon totals not less than words at boys, at girls.

In most cases not to count much more.

In general, till three years at healthy children the wide spacing at rates of development of the speech is noted: different lexicon, degree of a mangling of words, different speed of development of the phrase speech and correctness of creation of offers.

But each child by two years has to know names and to call some animals, some household items, clothes, ware.

Has to know and tell the names of parents, close adults, familiar children.

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When you ask it to make

When you ask it to make The most part of time he goodnatured submitted to you.

But with the oneyearold child it will be more difficult for you.

He as though understands that is not intended to be a toy of parents until the end of life that he is a person, the personality that it has desires and thoughts.

When you ask it to make that is not pleasant to it, he feels need to insist on the.

Its nature of it demands.

He speaks no words or acts, even, so far as concerns things which are pleasant to it.

Psychologists call it negativism, mothers speak: It is stubborn, as a donkey.

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It was so good. I am glad

It was so good. I am glad For example, when clean to the place of a cup, a frying pan etc.

, you can charge to the child to help you.

It is clear that the twoyearold kid is not able to carry out this task from the first properly, but all this is very useful.

The main thing that he studied something.

Even if he will put a frying pan not there and not so, all the same praise him.

Let to it know that you are very happy that it does.

Thanks, Tony.

It was so good.

I am glad that you helped me to clean everything into place.

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Your daughter

Your daughter Unfortunately, can give you and absolutely other answer.

Once I called one mother organizing a party where also our fifteenyearold Carrie was invited.

The answer of this woman to my question was hostile.

She told: It is a private party.

Your daughter is invited and can or come, or is not present.

Let it will be decided by her, but that I do in own house, concerns only me.

From these words I concluded that the eedy not a place for teenagers.

But continued to ask on details and told: I understand.

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He starts

He starts He constantly surveys subjects, investigates their properties.

The experiments made by the child the first conclusions are result of him.

The kid is improved in ways of performance of tasks.

Our task to help it to pass from a trial and error method to a way of a primerivaniye and visual correlation.

One of the most important features of development of the child of the third year is development of the speech.

He starts understanding sense of your statements.

The speech is for it the behavior regulator now.

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